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How do I edit an activity?

In this section, you will get to know the basic procedure of editing activity in CurrikiStudio. Once the activity is saved, changes can be made in the activity if required using the Edit option. Below is a detailed stepwise description of how to edit an activity. 

  1. Go to the “My Activities” icon and identify the activity to be edited.
  2. Locate the Pencil Icon at the bottom of the activity section.
  3. As you hover on the pencil icon, the Edit option appears.
  4. Click on the Edit Button to edit that particular activity.
  5. Now, simply edit the “Title” and “Description” of the activity, change the “Subject”, “Education Level” and “Author Tags” from the Drop-Down menu, and select or upload “Activity Thumbnail Image” as required.

(Please Note: “Title” is a mandatory field to create any activity and all other fields are optional.)

  1. Click on the “Add Interactions” button to edit interactions within the activity already created. 
  2. After making the required changes in the activity, at the bottom right click on the “Save and Close” button to update the edits in the activity.

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