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How do I create an activity?

In this section, you will get to know the basic procedure for creating an activity in CurrikiStudio. Below is a detailed stepwise description of how to create an activity. 

  1. Navigate to the left-hand side of the dashboard, to the My Activities icon.
  1. Click on the Create New Activity Button.
  1. Choose from one of the Activity Layouts or select Show All Activities to explore all activity types. Use each activity’s information tabs to find the experience that best suits your content.
  1. Click on the “Select” button to proceed building the chosen activity. 
  1. Describe the activity by entering the “Title” and “Description” of the activity. Choose the “Subject”, “Education Level” and “Author Tags” from the Drop-Down menu. Select or upload “Activity Thumbnail Image.” After adding activity details, click on the “Open Editor” button to start editing.
  1. Once editing of the activity is done, click at the bottom right “Save and Close” button to complete creating the activity.

Go to Activity Tutorials for additional support.