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Welcome to CurrikiStudio!

CurrikiStudio is a content authoring and publishing solution that allows users to transform lessons, training, and assessments into interactive objects and experiences. 

Easily Create

  • Choosing from 40+ activity types, start by selecting the best activity to display your information. Authors simply follow the step-by-step form, inputting your subject’s information and uploading multimedia.

Seamlessly Deliver

  • Reach your learners wherever they are – on any platform, with any device. Organize your interactive objects into synchronous playlists and freely deliver them to learning management systems, like Google Classroom or Moodle. CurrikiStudio supports the delivery of content with any platform that supports 1 Edtech Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) standards.

Richly Experience

  • Authors will find many customizable settings and features to insure you meet the needs of your end learners. CurrikiStudio activities provide immediate feedback to the learner and can be configured to adapt to the responses to individualize their experience.