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Welcome to CurrikiStudio!

1.1 Welcome to CurrikiStudio

Curriki is structured as a non-profit organization founded by Scott McNealy, also the founder of Sun Microsystems, to provide open educational resources to support lifelong learning. OPEN EDUCATION is an ambitious and collaborative endeavor started by the U.S. based not-for-profit organization, Curriki. Since its inception as one of the world’s first OER libraries, Curriki has strived to build, grow, and democratize access to educational resources across the globe. 

The name Curriki is a portmanteau of the words “curriculum” and “wiki”. Curriki’s model is to develop curricula through community contributors and to deliver curricula and open educational resources globally.

Curriki has concentrated on building a model that focuses on solving one of the key problems in education as stated by UNICEF: “Reimagine Education – In a world facing a learning crisis, digital learning should be an essential service.” Curriki adds to that statement – “It should also be Free and Open”. As part of the project, Curriki surveyed the best available open-source education technologies and assembled a visionary prototype for how high-quality, highly interactive learning experiences can be authored, curated, distributed, and then consumed by learners.

Curriki made it their mission to unlock learning potential by providing the technology that helps every learner achieve improved, personalized learning outcomes anywhere, anytime.

In July 2020 CurrikiStudio was launched, a free full-service learning content authoring suite designed to create a dynamic and engaging curriculum online for seamless delivery to learners.

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