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Setting Up Komodo with CurrikiStudio

With Komodo Technologies’ screen recording tool, Creators are now enabled to produce Interactive Video experiences with their screencasts. Follow the steps below to integrate your CurrikiStudio account with the Komodo Screen Recorder extension.

Sign Up for Your Komodo Account

  1. Select the tab labeled Record a Video in the left-hand menu of your CurrikiStudio dashboard.
    Click the blue Sign Up button to create your Komodo account.
  2. Install the Komodo Web Recorder Extension
    The Chrome Web Store will appear in a new window to install the Komodo Web Recorder extension. Select Add to Chrome, then Add extension.
  3. Create Komodo Account
    Once the extension is successfully installed, create an account with Komodo. Use the same email address associated with your CurrikiStudio login for seamless integration.
  4. Create Your Komodo Screencast from CurrikiStudio
    Navigate back to your Record a Video tab on the CurrikiStudio dashboard and select the green Record button. Choose the appropriate Window or Tab to display and record your content.
  5. Make Your Screencast an Interactive Video
    Under the Record a Video tab, creators will find their Komodo library. Select the plus sign (+) to open the recording inside an Interactive Video editor. Follow the step-by-step forms to begin adding your information and assessment interactions.

Additional Komodo Support

For screencasting support, navigate to Komodo Support Community.