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Interactive Video


Authors can create an interactive video experience by uploading or linking a video from BrightCove, YouTube, Kaltura, or Vimeo. After the video is added, authors can add multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, or open ended questions, along with multiple other interactions. Authors also have control over the presentation of the interactions and whether or not the video pauses, and for how long. Some questions may also be set up to take learners to specific points in the video, based on their answers.

When to Use Interactive Video

Interactive Video is most useful when authors want to present a video to learners, but they need them to be actively engaged in the content. For example, a video lecture can become more engaging by adding various questions at stopping points throughout the video, and learners will also be able to check their understanding along the way. Interactive Video is also great to pair with additional activities via an Interactive Book, Course Presentation, or Column Layout.

Sample Interactive Video Activity