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How do I allow my course creators to create Teams?

By default, administrative users control the creation of collaborative Teams. In Teams, users can edit and access collaborative learning projects. To adjust the default setting and allow course creators to freely create Teams, navigate to the Admin Panel.

Adjusting User Permissions for Teams

  1. On the CurrikiStudio dashboard, select Admin Panel, select the Users tab, and then select Manage Roles.
  2. Navigate to the Select role drop-down menu and choose Course Creator.
  3. Under the Edit Permissions section, select Authoring. Here, you can adjust the permissions for the chosen user role.
  4. Go to the drop-down menu for Teams. Edit provides permission to create and manage Teams. View provides access to Team projects via invitation from an admin user. None removes the Teams button from the user’s dashboard.
  5. Select Update Permissions to save the changes.
  6. Note: Once a Team is created, the Team admin can add rights and permissions to users specified to the Team.