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Dialog Cards (Repetition Mode)


Authors create ‘cards’ with a prompt, question or problem on one side, and a corresponding answer or solution on the other. Authors can include a combination of text, audio and images. Learners click the cards to flip them and reveal the additional content on the reverse side of the card.

When to Use Dialog Cards (Repetition Mode)

Dialog Cards are most useful when helping learners memorize concepts, words, or facts. Although Dialog Cards are often used in language learning, they can also be used to present numeric problems, historical events, formulas or names. Used creatively, they can be utilized to guide group activities or used for discussion prompts with expert summaries on their reverse sides. 
Authors can also use Dialog Cards to give learners a chance to self-test and get a sense of their progress. To do this, authors must select Repetition from the Mode dropdown menu of the editor. In this mode, learners select if they’re correct or incorrect upon revealing the reverse side of the card.
Dialog Cards are great to pair with additional activities via a Column Layout or Course Presentation.

Sample Dialog Cards (Repetition Mode) Activity