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CurrikiStudio Studio is Moving!

You already know and love CurrikiStudio as a powerful, easy-to-use interactive authoring tool. You also recognize CurrikiStudio for its commitment to being seamlessly integrated with Google Classroom and other popular education technologies that connect learners from kindergarten through graduate school (and beyond!).

To create this engaging, interactive content with CurrikiStudio, you used our site at Starting in July, you will build and share your projects from a new dedicated, CurrikiStudio-powered portal made just for you called StudioK20.
This move enables us to grow and evolve the platform based on your feedback. StudioK20 will stay free and continue to innovate for the future while keeping its open-source roots with CurrikiStudio.
  No action is required at this time to migrate your projects and activities to StudioK20 powered by CurrikiStudio and join others in continuing to access this easy-to-use, innovative, interactive authoring platform. Over the next few weeks, we will only send necessary updates from our team regarding the migration to StudioK20 to keep you up-to-date.  
Learn more about the transition and our protection of your data here. If you do not want to be part of the move to StudioK20, please click here to opt out. 

As we continue to advance the potential and features of the software platform, we invite you to share your feedback and suggestions in this short 5-minute questionnaire that helps us better shape the future of StudioK20 to meet your needs and creative vision.

We look forward to the new opportunities and ongoing community support of StudioK20 to create engaging, interactive experiences for learners everywhere.
Please contact us at with any questions. Thanks for your sharing your creativity and collaborating on the future of learning with StudioK20.

Your CurrikiStudio Team