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Advanced Fill the Blanks


Authors provide text to chunk into collapsible panels, which are organized with headers. Learners can click on the headers to expand and collapse the panels, controlling what content is visible on the screen without having to scroll.

When to Use Advanced Fill the Blanks

Advanced Fill in the Blanks is most useful in second language learning, where authors can give the learners individual hints, why certain tenses or word forms can’t be used in this case. While it is possible to have a ‘Check’ button at the bottom of the exercise and give feedback for all blanks at once, it makes more sense to enable the auto-check setting as the end-user is guided through the exercise step by step.
The main difference between Fill in the Blanks and Advanced Fill in the Blanks is with the Advanced activity’s feedback and learner response view. With Advanced Fill in the Blanks, authors can provide feedback for a specific incorrect answer. Also,learners can be provided a text input editor or dropdown display to record their response.
If the author does not want to use individual feedback or ‘drop-down’ mode, the regular Fill in the Blanks activity type is easier to use and might be the better choice.

Sample Advanced Fill the Blanks Activity