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CurrikiStudio Accessibility

What is Accessibility?

Accessibility means that your content needs to be designed in such a way that anyone can use it. The term accessibility is generally used when referring to the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people with disabilities. Accessibility ensures that everyone, no matter their condition, can use a certain product or device or access a specific place or service. 

How can CurrikiStudio support your learner’s accessibility needs?

At Curriki, we are dedicated to providing free and open tools to help learning designers customize interactive learning experiences accessible to any learner. We work hard to improve e-learning accessibility and reduce barriers for the learner via our library of 50+ activity types. Since there are multiple ways that various disabilities can impair learner interaction with e-learning material, there are several approaches you can take to accessibility design. 

The goal for the accessible activity types (see chart below) is WCAG 2.1 AA support, so the activity types have been tested against these criteria and more. The content types have gone through a lot of testing with various screen readers, keyboard navigation, zooming, code inspection, and more. We can’t, however, guarantee any level of accessibility support. 

It is ultimately the author’s responsibility to ensure all settings and features have been selected or uploaded to meet accessibility needs. Some example content created via the CurrikiStudio software does not comply as authors (not the software) may have created content with flaws. By either selecting inappropriate colors for the WCAG AA contrast, not uploading subtitles, not typing in alternative text, etc., users may find examples of CurrikiStudio learning activities with flaws not related to the software.

Activity Type Accessibility Chart

Below is a list of the CurrikiStudio activity types available. For each element in the list, we indicate if the content type is accessible as well as whether the Curriki team is maintaining it and if the content type has any known browser limitations.

When a content type is listed as accessible it means that either there are no known accessibility issues that we are aware of for the end-user view of the activity type or that any known issues are about to be fixed.

When a content type is listed in red it means that the Curriki Team does not recommend using it and is not actively fixing problems with it.

Activity TypeAccessibleMaintained by the Curriki teamBrowser Support
Accordion✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Agamotto✔ Yes? NoFull
Arithmetic Quiz✔ Yes✔ YesFull
AudioIf alternative text is added✔ YesFull
Audio Recorder✔ Yes✔ YesLimited
Branching Scenario✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Chart✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Collage✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Column Layout✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Course Presentation✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Dialog Cards✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Dictation? No(providing a text alternative won’t make sense)? NoFull
Documentation Tool✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Drag and Drop✔ Yes(Note: Must have visible labels for dropzones/draggables)✔ YesFull
Drag the Words or Drag Text✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Essay✔ Yes? NoFull
Fill in the Blanks✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Find the Hotspot? No✔ YesFull
Find Multiple Hotspots? No? NoFull
Flashcards✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Guess the Answer✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Iframe EmbedderDepends on the content? NoFull
Image Hotspots✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Image Juxtaposition? No? NoFull
Image Sequencing? No? NoFull
Image Slider✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Interactive Book✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Interactive Video✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Mark the Words! There are known issues that will not be solved immediately. ✔ YesFull
Memory Game✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Multiple Choice✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Personality Quiz? No? NoFull
Quiz (Question Set)✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Questionnaire? No✔ YesFull
Single Choice Set✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Speak the Words? No✔ YesChrome only (not iOS Chrome)
Speak the Words? No✔ YesChrome only (not iOS Chrome)
Summary✔ Yes✔ YesFull
TimelineUnknown? NoUnknown
True/False✔ Yes✔ YesFull
Twitter User FeedUnknown? NoFull
Virtual Tour (360)✔ Yes✔ YesFull
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